Digitalizing the onboarding pathway

Your objectives

ENHANCING your employer brand

Valuing the recruitment effort and the employer brand through a successful employee integration


Accelerating employee skills development and guiding managers in the integration process


Supporting the digitalization of integration pathways in a context of increased teleworking

Our approach

Our methodology is based on 4 key steps that can be adjusted according to your objectives and combines our expertise in UX design, change management and knowledge management


Building a progressive pathway

Proposing an integration pathway sequenced over time and according to the types of actions, then customizing it according to the business or department involved


Enriching content

Drafting content and/or transforming existing documents to facilitate the appropriation of knowledge by newcomers


Digitalizing pathways

Deploying a dedicated and interactive employee portal, with an overview and action proposals through an editor of your choice


Facilitating the process

Guaranteeing up-to-date content in line with the company's development, and regularly measuring the opinions of managers and new employees to improve the platform

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User Design

Improving user pathways

The new modes of collaboration imply decompartmentalized organizations and increased interfaces that need to be rethought in order to simplify the user experience
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