Let's get to know each other

Seequalis is accelerating its development and surrounding itself with passionate experts. Valuing the experience of our employees is our raison d'être, both with our customers and within the firm. Guided by the desire to guarantee lasting results for our customers, we are looking for personalities who are fulfilled, committed and talented. Driven by a strong team spirit, we'll help you exceed your goals and ambitions.

Joining us

When you join us, a personalized induction program will give you the keys to meeting our customer commitments. Our highly digitalized onboarding program will enable you to get to know your new working environment and our community of consultants independently… and at your own pace.

Working together

At Seequalis, being a consultant is teamwork! In an open workspace conducive to exchange, Seequalis promotes a federative state of mind.
Convinced that sharing helps us find the best solutions for our customers, we contribute together to the development of new offers, share our expertise, take up challenges and meet regularly for moments of pure conviviality.


Acquiring and developing the skills of our employees is a priority. If you too have a thirst for learning, we can offer you training to develop both your know-how and your interpersonal skills, and if you’re motivated by a challenge, we can offer you bridges between different professions. We support you throughout your career with close managerial supervision.

What counts from day one: sharing, entrepreneurial spirit, agility, and respect.

The welcome note

Everyone's talking about digital transformation. But at Seequalis, our motto is "Digital for people"! Florence GONIN, Director of Seequalis, welcomes you.

Getting to know each other better


Consultants today,
60 more to be hired in 2024


At Seequalis,
gender party is natural.


The average age, with a standard deviation that we are proud of


Dedication and good spirit

Satisfying our customers is our top priority,
on a par with the well-being of our teams


Listening and being proactive

Sharing a coffee croissant with your manager is an opportunity to exchange ideas in all simplicity.
Openness and curiosity
Combining expertise and self-criticism to avoid dogmatism

Sergio, consultant

“Joining Seequalis as a junior consultant means benefiting from real support through a personalized digital career path. From the start of your assignment, you’ll be coached by a more experienced consultant who will help you quickly develop your skills.”

Discover the Seelife

Claire, manager

“Being a consultant manager at Seequalis means getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing new things. As you become more experienced, your missions broaden. You also contribute to internal projects to activate new offers, develop pre-sales, coach a junior. Joining Seequalis also means getting together at all the events organized by the company: seminars, afterworks, webinars…”.

Discover the Seelife
Recruitment is the first stage in your integration, and Seequalis pays particular attention to it: within a short time, you'll meet the HR team, a member of the management committee and a Seequalis consultant. It's the perfect way to seize your development opportunity and discover the Seequalis mindset!
Recruitment Officer

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Apply for the offer that suits you: Change management, business support, knowledge management, collaborative workplace, community management, user experience, IT governance…

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