Deploying, maintaining, and transforming Operational Excellence for the benefit of the user experience

We combine our expertise in ITIL processes for the benefit of operational excellence for your users, and support IT Departments in building and promoting services.

Your issues

Digital transformation is at the heart of company discussions and projects. However, while 87% of executives say that digitization is a priority for their company, only 40% have implemented appropriate digital initiatives (Source: GARTNER).

In some cases, a misalignment between users’ real needs and the services provided by the IT structure is also observed. If this transformation is built at a strategic and decision-making level, the challenge of support and maintenance in operational condition is too often underestimated.

New uses (digitization, mobility) are leading to profound changes in practices, organization and processes, and these changes need to be perfectly coordinated between the IT department and the business lines. This is why the digital employee experience is a lever of attractiveness for which IT Systems Departments are increasingly called upon.

IT Departments must be able to maximize the efficiency of their ecosystems through more proactive management of user services, while at the same time making their results and added value visible.

Our added value

DESIGN and PROMOTE services

Structure and organize the service offering for employees and improve their satisfaction

IMPROVE performance

Propose actions for functional, technical, and financial improvement and organization (processes, organization, indicators).

GUARANTEE Build to Support

Secure the lifecycle and adoption of your new digital services by integrating the Support team as a key player in your projects.

#Structuring Build to Support

Seequalis secures the lifecycle and evolution of your end-to-end services :
How to enable my support to keep pace with ongoing IS changes ?
How to design a change management process that will anchor the maintenance of knowledge over time ?
How to integrate support teams right from the start of a project ?

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#Defining the user services master plan

Seequalis analyzes your support chain and builds a remediation, transformation or outsourcing plan :
Why are my users dissatisfied when my objectives have been met ?
How can I reorganize and adapt relationships with my partners ?
Are quick-wins possible ?

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#Managing critical incidents

Seequalis deploys and manages your Major Incident Management (MIM) process :
What are the automation levers for steering the process and simplifying it over time?
How can we realign responsiveness with the company’s business challenges?
Communication is essential… What to say to whom, when and how?

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Facilitating the digital experience

We improve the digital experience by fostering collaboration, simplifying processes, and encouraging the adoption of new uses.


Adding value to information

We stimulate value creation through an improved sharing of information and knowledge within the company.


Engaging employees at the core of the change 

We place the Employee Experience at the heart of the company's day-to-day concerns, to optimize its performance.