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Digital technology has generated a huge increase in the amount of information to be processed within companies. Transforming information into value is imperative.

Mastering all this information, structuring it, facilitating access and sharing, guaranteeing the quality and completeness of your information sources and developing the use of generative Artificial Intelligence services (Chatgpt…). 

Develop employees’ knowledge, accelerate their skills’ development, give them the means to be efficient on a day-to-day basis, and support the transfer of knowledge when they join or move. 

Set up a structured environment and collaborative practices that encourage the use of tools for capitalizing on, consulting, enhancing, and sharing company information. 

Our added value

DEFINE the processes

Set up the knowledge management process, whether centralized or collaborative, to improve performance

STRUCTURE the content

Structure, migrate and bring knowledge to life
Write using UX writing best practices
Harness the power of artificial intelligence

DEPLOY tools

Select and integrate appropriate tools: SharePoint, ServiceNow, EasyVista, Confluence, Notion, Chatbot

#Capitalize on and share knowledge in your businesses

Seequalis can help you define the right information management strategy: 
How to access and sharing information drive performance?
How to support business challenges in the capitalization and valorization of information?
How to make the best use of existing tools, and propose new ones if necessary?

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#Deploy Knowledge Management in an IT Systems Department

Seequalis can help you leverage your portals and collaborative tools to bring information closer to your teams. 
How to transform your project and service documentation into useful information for your users and support teams?
How to choose between merging content sources and search engines ?
How to involve your teams in knowledge capitalization and sharing ?

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#Promote the value of selfcare tools

Seequalis offers you selfcare solutions to boost team efficiency: 
How to make employees self-sufficient within the company’s digital environment ?
How to improve user efficiency through relevant, up-to-date information ?
What new 24/7 digital channels and services can complement support teams ?

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Facilitating the digital experience

We improve the digital experience by fostering collaboration, simplifying processes, and encouraging the adoption of new uses. 

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Engaging employees at the core of the change 

We place the Employee Experience at the heart of the company's day-to-day concerns, to optimize its performance.

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Improving support for business core activities

We support IT Systems Departments in promoting their services and improving processes to enhance user satisfaction.

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