Adding value to information

We stimulate value creation through an improved sharing of information and knowledge within the company.

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Digital technology has generated a huge increase in the amount of information to be processed within companies. Transforming information into value is imperative.

Mastering all this information, by structuring it and facilitating its sharing and access. The acceleration of digital projects today implies better organization of knowledge distribution.

Developing employees’ knowledge and know-how, accelerating their skills development, giving them the means to be effective on a daily basis, and supporting the transfer of knowledge when they arrive or transfer elsewhere.

Establishing a context and practices that encourage the use of tools for capitalizing on, consulting, promoting and sharing company information.

Our added value


Boosting performance through a maturity audit
Working collaboratively using customized approaches


Structuring, migrating and maintaining knowledge
Drafting using UX writing good practices


Broad expertise: SharePoint, O365, ServiceNow, EasyVista, Arbortext, chatbot solutions, Confluence

#Organizing information

Seequalis help you to define the right information management strategy :
What are the performance levers through an access and sharing strategy ?
How to support business challenges in the capitalization and development of information  ?
How to better use the tools in place and propose news ones if needed ?

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#Digitalizing the onboarding pathway

Seequalis helps you build pathways and set up customized digital portals :
How to enhance the employer brand through successful employee integration ?
How to accelerate employee skills development and guide managers in the integration process ?
What are the key success factors in a context of increased teleworking ?

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Facilitating the digital experience

We improve users’ digital experience by encouraging collaborative practices and the adoption of new usages.


Simplifying the user experience

We reveal users' expectations in order to design fluid experiences and innovative services through a ‘design thinking’ methodology.


Improving support for business core activities

We set up and provide customized support for business core activities and assist IT systems departments in bolstering digital practices and thus boosting employee efficiency.