Your challenges

How can you meet your employees' ever-increasing expectations regarding their digital experience at work?

How employees perceive their work-life experience has a direct impact on their level of commitment and loyalty. Not to mention the direct influence on future recruits’ perception of the company.

Because the digital experience contributes to the speed of integration into the company, the ease of access to information, and the quality of the working environment, it is a major factor influencing the quality of the Employee Experience. Managing employees’ digital experience requires HR departments, CIOs, and the business units themselves to get closer to the experience felt by employees, rather than the idea they have of that experience.

To improve efficiency and commitment, it’s crucial to measure satisfaction, implement services that deliver quick perceptible, and concrete improvements, and take feedback into account when drawing up the plan to optimize digital journeys. By doing so, employees become key players in improving their own experience within the company.

Our added value

SUCCESSFUL onboarding

Offer a satisfying onboarding experience for both employees and manager

OFFER an optimal experience

Manage and improve your employees' digital experience

OPTIMIZE employee journeys

Put forward user experiences inspired by users themselves

#Successful onboarding

Seequalis can help you provide efficient onboarding for your employees and support your manangers :

How can you encourage your employees’ autonomy from day one?
How do you deploy the process without enforcing a new tool?
How can you guide managers through the process of integrating employees?

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#Evaluate the digital experience

Seequalis can help you measure and improve your employees’ digital experience :

How can you offer tools tailored to users’ real needs?
How can improve employee productivity?
How can you integrate satisfaction measurement as a lever for improvement?

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#Optimizing user paths

Seequalis can help you define fluid user paths that meet expectations:

How to improve the user experience by better identifying needs?
How to present results in a concrete, synthetic, and visually attractive way?
How to build a common, shared vision of the target experience?

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Adding value to information

We stimulate value creation through better sharing of information and knowledge within the company.

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Facilitating the digital experience

We improve the digital experience by fostering collaboration, simplifying processes, and encouraging the adoption of new uses.

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Improving business efficiency by deploying a
high-performance, scalable digital support system

We support Information Systems Departments in promoting their services and improving processes to enhance user satisfaction.

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