Your objectives

BUILD the support approach

Create the conditions for optimizing the adoption of new digital solutions

SUPPORT pratices

Set up a local learning structure to facilitate skills development


Organize a network of champions to encourage new behaviors

Our approach

The Seequalis methodology is based on 3 key stages that can be adjusted according to your objectives. It combines our expertise in change management, community management and digital marketing.


Engage stakeholders

This stage involves testing digital innovations in real-life situations before deployment, and recruiting the sponsors and ambassadors who will support the change.


Train around usage

Depending on the training and communication plan, this second phase consists of planning and training teams around usage, with tailor-made approaches.


Motivate teams

The aim of this stage is to gamify the teams' skills development and communicate the main results to maintain the ownership dynamic.

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Change Adoption

Defining a customized change management strategy

Discover how to define the right change management strategy.
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