Your objectives

BUILD a vision and SHARE IT

Project your organization towards new operating modes, work methods or digital solutions

PROMOTE buy-in

Build a change management strategy adapted to your culture and the profile of your teams, to prepare them for their individual and collective transition.

ANCHOR change over time

Identify the stages and key success factors of your digital transformation project

Our approach

Seequalis' methodology is based on 4 key stages that can be adjusted according to your objectives. It combines our expertise in change management, UX, and project management:


Immersing yourself in the organization

This phase is essential for grasping the company's culture and understanding the change: its stakes and objectives, targets and impacts on beneficiaries and the organization.


Identify expectations

The second phase consists in mapping the stakeholders and populations impacted by the change, and understanding their motivations, obstacles, or resistance to change.


Define indicators

An important step in measuring ROI: define the key indicators that will enable us to measure the impact of the strategy on the organization and provide a vision prior to change.


Building the roadmap

Finally, the roadmap will be validated in terms of organizational, human and financial impacts, then shared with the teams to launch the transformation plan.

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Change Adoption

Supporting business uses

Improve the autonomy and digital efficiency of your employees thanks to selfcare solutions (chatbot, knowledge base, digital workplace)
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