25 June 2021

Redesign of a knowledge base in Sharepoint

24 June 2021

Empowerment of the user experience with self-care solutions

Logo crédit agricole CAGIP
20 June 2021

Project management assistance and digital project management

27 May 2021

Enrichment of an ITSM knowledge base

Logo bureau vertias
27 May 2021

Functional support for mobile applications

Logo caisse des dépôts
27 May 2021

Implementation of a knowledge capitalizing system

Logo eiffage
27 May 2021

Definition of the onboarding path within the IT department

Logo FDJ Francaise des jeux
27 May 2021

Mapping of service desk processes

Logo la Poste
27 May 2021

Redesign of business processes and implementation of a chatbot

Logo Métropole grand Paris
27 May 2021

Knowledge and information organization

27 May 2021

Drafting of technical documentation and capitalisation of know-how